Picasso's Place Min Pin Rescue, Inc.

Rescued from a dog farm in South Korea in late 2004, Picasso, a red miniature pinscher, truly defines what it means to be a survivor. Thanks to a wonderful rescuer that brought him from South Korea to the U.S., Picasso found his way to his forever home where he made such an impact on his family, that this organization was created to honor him and help min pins in need.

The mission of Picasso’s Place Min Pin Rescue, Inc. is to facilitate the rescue and adoption of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered miniature pinschers and place them into permanent and loving homes.

In the interim, we provide appropriate foster and veterinary care, proper nourishment and of course, plenty of love and attention.

Picasso’s Min Pin Rescue, Inc. services the mid-Atlantic and other states when needed. The availability of financial and volunteer resources will determine how many miniature pinschers and how extended a geographical area can be serviced at any given time. Picasso’s Place Min Pin Rescue’s goal is to provide quality care and placement assistance to as many homeless miniature pinschers possible.

Qualified adoptive families are selected through an application process that is focused on the welfare of the miniature pinscher and the need to place each dog in an environment appropriate for that dog's background, temperament and needs. The needs of the homeless miniature pinschers are the rescue’s primary concern. Obtaining safe, loving, lifelong homes for miniature pinschers is our primary goal.

**100% of the purchases made go to help min pins in need.**